June 14, 2019

Brew for Brewing For A Cause

Pouring A Beer
Show off your brewing chops!

Brewing For A Cause is open to all homebrewers and is a fun, homebrewer-centric event that benefits local charities.

We also offer a cool, realtime on-line beer-rating and voting system to provide feedback and a popular beer winner during the event.  There will be a Keg share, and small awards presentation for all attending brewers following the event.  (https://brewers.brewingupacure.org)

TRUB members who are current with their annual membership dues can sign up to pour now by registering or logging into the Brewers site. Please enter as much information as possible in the profile section and provide descriptions of the beers you plan to brew.

Non-TRUB members can sign up at a later date using the same process. We ask that you either join TRUB by paying the $20 dues, or you can make a $20 donation. Please pay the $20 to the TRUB Treasurer (Mike Swiderski) via Venmo (@Mike-Swiderski) – or via Paypal at TRUB2022. Brewers can pour individually or in groups. Homebrew Club Boxes are welcome.